Entertainment Across
The Midwest

Vision Comm specializes in Vending and Arcade Games across the Midwest. We provide amusement and redemption games to many of our Midwest clients. Our clients include many bars, restaurants, laundromats, and major truck stop chains.

Online Tournament Games

Everyone likes a little competition, why not utilize that as an entertainment draw with online tournament games. If you're interested in learning more, please contact us today.

Prize Cranes

Drop the claw. Prize cranes are very popular and everyone wants to win that teddy bear or electronic device. Can you master the claw? Your customers will love this exciting addition to your business.

Vending Machines

We feature a large selection of vending machines to give your business a source for snacks and goods. Snack machines, pop machines, and more. Call us today to learn more.

Sega Derby Owners Club

Are you looking to add a little action to your business. We feature the classic horse racing simulation arcade game titled, "Sega Derby Owners Club". Each player acts as owner, trainer, and jockey at each console. Players then can train their horses to improve in the horses' abilities through the use of pre-purchased memory cards, breeding via the console, or retired dam and sire cards, in order for you to breed your own retired horses you will have to race them twenty times, then you will have the option of retiring them or to continue their career. To learn more call us today.